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scriptingNews outline for 4/25/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/25/2001; 5:53:52 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/25/2001
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Good morning Jxta fans! We're going to get the story here one way or the other. Bill Joy's latest creation. Will the developers flock to write code at Uncle Bill's altar? Will he breathe new life into P2P? Did they get another smart babe to push their technology? Inquiring geeks want to know!

Wes Felter: So what is Jxta?

Register: No Joy for P2P Vets.

Slashdot thread on Jxta.

Josh Lucas is working on Jxta at CollabNet.

O'Reilly has several Jxta articles.

Sun press release for Jxta.

News.Com: "Sun wants Jxta, unveiled in February by inventor Bill Joy, to power a new generation of services on the Internet. Jxta would provide a foundation for running programs across a host of 'peers' -- potentially every sort of computing device from desktops to tiny cell phones to mammoth servers."

NY Times: "Bill Joy is catching the tail end of a euphoria that never came into existence."

Beta News: AOL Considering Dropping MSIE. "AOL holds the most power in the browser war, as its 30 million users comprise the world's largest online service. Changing the software's browser would dramatically shift market share, giving Netscape new life. Internet Explorer currently controls approximately 88 percent of the browser market."

John Robb reads tea-leaves in the Greenspun-ArsDigita dispute. "Philip came back from his travels full of ideas and refreshed, but quickly got an earful from the other founders/key employees on how the company was being destroyed. He confronted the VCs. The VCs found him impossible to deal with and didn't want to return to open source software."

FAQ page for Salon Premium.

CBS Marketwatch: "For the first time in its 17-year history, computer maker Sun Microsystems will shut down operations worldwide for a week, company sources confirmed Wednesday, as part of a cost-cutting move."

Is the Mac outliner market coming back to life? "Multiple columns per row a first for any outliner that we've seen!" Wow. Takes your breath away. MORE didn't do multiple columns, but InfoDepot and In Control did. Imho, if you design it that way, it's more of a spreadsheet than a thinking or writing tool. Users beware, one of the lessons of the last round in outlining is that you don't want your ideas locked up in a proprietary format. That's why MORE had lots of import/export capabilities. Before you commit to Omni, ask them to clearly state that your work won't be locked up. "OPML" is the perfect solution for interchange between programs that understand textual hierarchies. Keep the market open. It's good to have competition. One more thing, be sure they have a good scripting interface. It's important.

I got an email last night from Philip Greenspun with a pointer to a chapter of a new book he's working on about SOAP and XML-RPC. I guess they're going to be teaching this stuff at MIT. He asked for some more pointers, and I sent him links to, the "BDG", "xmlStorageSystem", and Manila's scripting interface, with a suggestion that we do some work on getting the Ars Digita community system and Manila interoperating. Of course this assumes that his VCs and/or the Delaware court let him work on behalf of their users.

Red Herring: What's it like to be a VC now?

Dan Gillmor: "On Friday, a federal judge blocked the publishing of a novel called The Wind Done Gone -- a retelling of the 1936 saga Gone With the Wind from the perspective of a slave, a half-sister of Scarlett O'Hara. The estate of Margaret Mitchell, the Gone With the Wind author, had sued on the grounds that the book violated copyright protections."

You can buy a copy of The Wind Done Gone on eBay.

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