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scriptingNews outline for 5/5/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:5/5/2001; 12:13:10 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 5/5/2001
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Good morning early morning page-flippers!

Keith Ballinger, Microsoft: Web Services Interoperability and SOAP. "Overall, the work done on [the soapbuilders] list and across the world to make sure that SOAP interoperates when implementing RPC-style communications has been an outstanding success."

Boston Globe: Making the case for good journalism.

Zeldman: "New York landlords are legally obliged to turn on central air conditioning by May 15th. Which is exactly when our landlord will do it. That's eleven potentially blistering days from today."

Dan Gillmor marvels at the community spirit of the Net, with a real-world example. It's a nice story with a happy ending.

CloseTheLoop has moved their Manila site to their own server.

Wes reports that Guha is making Flurry. "Like Hailstorm, Flurry aims to enable a uniform set of apis for accessing data about a user from anywhere."

Yesterday's survey was interesting. If you ask a question a certain way an overwhelming number of people choose to go with Linus. I think we can ask a different question and get a different result. We'll do that a little later.

A gift from heaven, a group of serious content developers and technology vendors are working on an RDF-and-namespaces syndication format. The new spec is called Prism, and it came out of the ICE working group. Now if you wish to use RDF to syndicate content you can do it in a way that's kind to RSS.

The companies listed as Prism working group members: Sothebys, Vignette, Getty Images, Kinecta, KPMG, Interwoven, IDG, MarketSoft, Time Inc, Cogito, Adobe, Conde Nast, Artesia, iCopyright, CreoScitex, Banta New Media and eLogic.

I gotta get a plug in for Jeff Barr's continuing commitment to excellence in syndicated Web content. His reviews are invaluable sources of new stuff for news junkies like me.

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