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scriptingNews outline for 5/6/2001

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:5/6/2001; 7:15:35 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 5/6/2001
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Good morning thinkers and visionaries.

Mark Paschal posted a list of places you can go to find RSS channels. Nice work.

Beta News: "Microsoft's upcoming Windows XP will be the first step taken toward integrating Web services directly into the OS, a move that has AOL struggling to respond."

A Bonnie Raitt song, I've only heard it three times. It's not very famous, but what a song. It's called "I just can't let go" or something like that. A beautiful bluesy beat so perfect for Bonnie. Looked on Google and fired up Napster, no luck. The music industry can produce such wonderful product but the distribution system sucks. Uhhh, the song is actually by Lucinda Willams. This probably explains why I couldn't find it. Thanks to Tom Maddox for the clue. There's a demo of the song linked into this page. Yeah, it's the same song. The one I heard on the radio was a lot cleaner. It's still sweet.

David Brown: "Well, I've kind of gotten hooked on ActiveState's ActivePython distributions. I really like their package manager, which uses SOAP to fetch and install extra packages as you ask for them."

LA Times: "Initially, Napster officials suggested that Microsoft buy the company, according to two Napster insiders, but Microsoft rejected the overture. The discussions have since shifted toward Napster using Microsoft's security technology. What Microsoft would get out of the deal is being hashed out, but could involve licensing fees or an equity stake in Napster."

Jack Thompson: "I currently use Inspiration as my primary outliner for writing purposes."

SF Chronicle: "In our disposable, Pentium-powered culture where nobody's got time for anything, speed dating has become phenomenally successful."

NY Times: "My dad's definitely got a different outlook," said Jeff S. Merrick, 25, who was laid off April 12 and recently left on a monthlong vacation to Costa Rica, stretching a 10-day trip he had planned. "When I said I was extending the trip, his first words were: 'A month? Don't you have to look for a job?' "

The Greenline: "Roses grow best when they receive full sunshine all day. However, they will grow satisfactorily if they have at least 6 hours of sun a day."

A public service message. To this day people still blame the child for child abuse. It's not true that all moms and dads are kind to their kids. If a child says, even in a not too obvious way, that there are problems at home, please check it out.

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