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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/6/1998; 7:22:35 AM
Topic:Would you do some work for more hits?
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>>I would do this in a second. The sites I maintain (all 20) are mostly magazines. They change almost every day and sometimes 50 or 100 pages change in a week.

We are already running the script here at UserLand. Why don't you install it and run it for your magazines?

That's how chicken-and-egg problems get solved, by someone going first. If I could present to Excite a list of 20 enticing sites that were generating siteChanges.xml files every night, it would be a lot easier to convince them to look for the file, or allow registrations of files.

It's a bootstrap problem. You can help by downloading the script and running it every night. Or write one in Perl and put it up on a website. And Python, Tcl, C, Hypertalk, AppleScript, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic. We should be able to offer a siteChanges script in every environment. This project would take about two hours from beginning to commercial quality. It would take the sysop twenty minutes to review and install the script, and from that point on they'd be siteChanges-compatible, ready for Excite or Inktomi to kick butt.

The Frontier version of the siteChanges script can be downloaded from the Fat Pages site:


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