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Re: Zope vs. Frontier
Posted:12/6/1998; 11:31:26 AM
Topic:Zope vs. Frontier
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Yep, since ZPublisher works like an ORB in a way, there are several components that come with it to make it more ORB like. ZPublisher.Client (what used to be called bci for Bobo Call Interface) turns a Python function call into an HTTP request for a Zope server, the return value (the response) of which is then Pythonated. This is sorta CORBA like but not as flexible, and no IDL or anything like that. Keep in mind that the Digicool folks designed/are designing Zope to be transparent to the transport protocol below them, and plans for supporting future protocols besides HTTP are in the works and should be straightforward. For example, Fnorb could be used between Zope processes instead of, or in addition to, ZPublisher.Client. It's just a matter of writing it. :) I haven't actually played with any of these mechanisms, I'm just going from what I've seen in the Zope source and what's documented.

Documentation is one of Zope's few weak spots, and there are bugs in this first beta. Digicool has commited themselves to writing much more documentation before the product is out of beta, and so far between the pre-release alpha and the first beta they have added a lot, I'm assuming they'll keep up the pace. Coincidentaly, there have been murmurs on the list of elisp to extend Emacs to 'connect up editorial tools'. Have you any suggestions? What editor are you considering as a specific example?

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