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Author:Seth Dillingham
Posted:12/6/1998; 1:56:27 PM
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I was on a big, multi-corporation committee called "DISC" (Digital Infrastructure and Services Committee), which was made up of a group of representatives from major printers, prepress services, and publishers, from all over the country.

The goals of the committee, briefly, were to find and/or build the road from a film based creation/proofing/plating process to a fully digital one (digital photos, digital proofs, and computer to plate), for large cataloguers like Bloomingdales by Mail (who originally sponsored the committee), LL Bean, Eddie Bauer, etc.

The meetings were always 2 days long. The first time I attended, everybody kept their own notes. The meetings dragged on forever, and very few people left with a clear sense of direction or purpose.

At the next meeting, I took notes on my laptop. Those notes were immediately found to be useful, as someone would ask "who agreed to do X?", I had an immediate answer. We hooked my laptop up to the overhead, and the meeting was immediately much more focused: everyone could see the issues that still needed work, and was a great "load balancer", for a number of reasons.

I attended three more of those meetings, and I took the notes every time (mailed them out to the other members, too). Your use of the word "techretary" surprised me, actually, because that's what the title they made up for me in Phoenix, AZ, at the last meeting I attended.

Interesting subject, I'm glad you're interested in this. Any ideas on how you plan to tie this to Frontier and/or the MainResponder stuff?


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