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Re: Technography

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/6/1998; 2:44:56 PM
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>>Interesting subject, I'm glad you're interested in this. Any ideas on how you plan to tie this to Frontier and/or the MainResponder stuff?

Yes of course. It already ties in. I think in many ways the goal of a meeting is to create a book, or a report, or some kind of document, however you want to think of it, even if it's nothing more than a meeting agenda. But very often the result truly is a book, so a meeting is a publishing activity!

Also a meeting often continues even after it's over. Electronic devices like this discussion group help that happen. And of course the meeting is happening *before* it happens too, with people putting stuff on the agenda, agreeing to research certain things, reporting on progress stemming from committments made at previous meetings.


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