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My dear friend Bernie!

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:12/7/1998; 11:55:40 AM
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Thank you very much for stopping in for a visit!

I hope to recreate the magic of LBBS and early collaborations I did with Bernie. I remember those days very fondly.

Here's a story. When Bernie was a game designer at Children's Television Workshop in NY and I was a broke Silicon Valley software author, he got me a gig to do prototyping programming on the Apple II (it must have been 1982). He would come over to my house, sit in front of an extra computer, play with the game. On the other computer I would be editing the source code for the game, him saying "give me this" or "make it twitch that way", I'd hand him a floppy, he'd copy the file and launch the app, hand me back the floppy and we'd do the same thing again.

This went on for two weeks, at most, and by the end of the period we had a great game, but more lasting than that was the sense of empowerment thru collaborative creativity. From that point on Bernie and I had a special understanding of each other, we knew what we were capable of if we combined our skills, and used two sets of eyeballs to scope out what's going on.

So Bernie, I'm so glad you're here! Let's have fun!


PS: I didn't explain what LBBS is, Bernie was part of that (so was Brett Glass who's been using this system). I'm sure if you use the search engine you'll find plenty of references to LBBS.

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