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Re: Linux API docs & fun tools

Author:Eric Kidd
Posted:12/7/1998; 12:22:48 PM
Topic:Linux for Dummies?
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This is very true--ANSI C code is exceptionally portable, as are CGI scripts. If your program doesn't require any non-ANSI features, you can use almost any set of tools to develop it, on any type of computer.

If you write POSIX code (a superset of ANSI C), you'll probably need a Unix box. POSIX code will also run under NT, but you need to settle for an older, less complete version of POSIX or buy expensive add-on packs from third parties.

Our server application runs on big Digital Unix systems, but I develop under Linux (which is much cheaper). We did an internal Linux port just to save the cost of one high-end workstation. =)

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