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New Search Engine Machine in Testing

Author:Brent Simmons
Posted:12/15/1998; 1:53:34 AM
Topic:New Search Engine Machine in Testing
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We just got a new machine to run the search engine on. (And a few other apps.) Once it's tested, I'll switch the IP address of this machine so that requests for go to this machine.

But for now it's at:

Please help test it! If you find any searches that still take a long time, please note what the search was for and let me know. It's time to nail all the performance issues.

If you like specs: the old search engine is on a Pentium I, 166 Mhz, 96 MB RAM, IDE hard drive.

The new search engine is on a dual-processor machine, two Pentium II processors running at 450 Mhz each. 256 MB RAM, 9 GB SCSI hard drive.

The old search engine runs with Frontier as the webserver, so Frontier is doing both tcp and searching.

The new search engine runs behind IIS 4.0 (NT Server), so the networking is handled by IIS rather than Frontier. (A nice combo, I think.) An ISAPI filter DLL routes all incoming requests to Frontier, making it easy to run Nirvana behind IIS.

Furthermore: Frontier, even though it's running behind IIS, is now visible rather than running in IIS's invisible desktop. For more about that:$1153$1166

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