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Re: Linux for Dummies?

Author:Brent Simmons
Posted:12/15/1998; 4:01:27 PM
Topic:Linux for Dummies?
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Because I've had to re-arrange my computers after getting the new honker, I turned off the Linux machine to move it.

After re-booting, I'm getting weird behavior.

It insists on booting me straight into KDE. I get a window prompting me to login. I don't want to boot directly to KDE, I want to choose when to startx.

Also: when I log out of KDE, I get that same login window asking me to get back into KDE. So I can't seem to leave KDE. I'm bugged, and I don't recall making a change that would cause this. What do I have to edit to get back to my preferences? (They key is, this machine is using a different monitor now, and I need to get out of X to change my video mode.)

Finally: I started xeyes, just for kicks, and now I can't quit. This app has no menu, no windows, even, just a pair of eyes watching my mouse. How do I quit it? If log out of KDE and back in -- xeyes re-starts!

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