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Re: Writing on a palmtop?

Author:Brian M. Criscuolo
Posted:1/5/1999; 8:12:29 AM
Topic:Scripting News for PalmPilot users
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I think you'll find it interesting that at DataViz ( we are currently working on a product called Documents To Go (Mac and Windows) that allows you to put your desktop wp and ss docs on your Palm. We have the ability to plug into our entire translator libary (15 years worth!) to handle most files.

Where does this fit in? Well, our conduit for HotSync allows the xfer of data back and forth with a database that we manage. I suppose that we could extend that to write files from the Palm to the desktop, managed with our application, or we could send the data from the Palm right to a browser or Frontier via the XML-RPC mechanism, Apple Events or COM.

We have created an open API into our services that allows a third party to create viewers for file types they support (on the Palm) while enabling Documents To Go to manage the data.

Our viewers will eventually support notations and other data that can be entered on the Palm and xfer'd to the desktop computer, the beginnings (humble) of two way communications.

Brian M. Criscuolo

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