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Re: It's like standing in an ice cream parlour

Author:James Spahr
Posted:1/7/1999; 5:48:38 PM
Topic:How Frontier Changed My Life
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Dave Said: Just wait, we'll be getting bug reports. I have a red Mac. Does this stuff work OK on blue Macs?

:-) thats funny, and true. Actually Apple did a rather smart thing marketing wise.

We produced a book about using color to market products which is very much related to our fruit dish of iMacs. You can get it for free by calling Strathmore Papers (1 800 423 7313), and asking for a copy of 'Marketable Aspects of Color'. Pretend your a designer.

Most of the designers (read big Apple market) like them, and Tangerine seems to be the color they want. Personally I've always been a sucker for the IBM stuff. pure black and square.

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