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Re: Who's getting DSL?

Author:Eric Soroos
Posted:1/14/1999; 1:57:20 PM
Topic:Who's getting DSL?
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I told USWest (seattle) exactly the machines that I had, and what ethernet card I could use. (Not that I really needed it, since all of my machines already have ethernet, but I wanted one of them to have a 2 NIC setup for routing/firewall use.)

I have a Duo (minidocked ethernet), IIci(nubus ethernet), and Umax clone (pci ethernet). I asked for PCI.

They gave me a Farallon AAUI-10bt adapter. Pretty much useless in my current setup.

USWest's customer service has been so bad for me over my last two moves and service changes that If I had _any_ other option for data access, I would dump them completely and go cellular for voice and whatever else for data. Cable modems are not availiable in my area, nor is good wireless internet. So I either need their DSL or a landline for internet access so I'm stuck buying at least one line from USWest. The upside is that once the DSL line is in and working, the bandwidth is really nice. It took about a week to get addicted to it, and I'm only getting 256k.

USWest's customer service gives monopolies a bad name. And they keep thanking me for choosing them. Personally, I think that they are scared of real competition, and for a very good reason.


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