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Re: Technography: Organizational Memory

Author:Bernie DeKoven
Posted:2/1/1999; 9:57:31 AM
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I'm not sure how successful technography really is at capturing "process." I guess that's because I'm not sure what process we're referring to.

The big paradigm shift here is that technography focuses the group, in real-time, on producing something together. During the process of producing, the document is continually changed -- edited, reorganized. This is what makes the outliner so key. We usually don't keep a record of each separate rev. as the document evolves. So there are definitely parts of the process that are not documented.

When I ran the creative session for the Intel/Mattel meeting, we employed, in addition to technograpy, a group graphic facilitator who illustrated the flow of the meeting on large rolls of paper. This was better, I think, at capturing process, whereas the technography was better at capturing the collective imagination and keeping it focused and productive.

Maybe we need to discuss what we mean by process.

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