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Re: Technography: Organizational Memory

Author:Steve Ivy
Posted:2/1/1999; 10:17:24 AM
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Maybe we need to discuss what we mean by process.

I guess in my mind the "Process" is that process by which decisions are made within an organization. In Capturing Organizational Memory, and on their website, GDSS is promoting a system of capturing the entire thought process behind the decisions that are made during a meeting. I see QuestMap, GDSS's software, as a sort of graphical "minutes" of a meeting.

I think technography facilitates the making of decisions, while something like QuestMap records the event.

To wrap up, I agree with you, Bernie. Technography doesn't capture process, it facilitates it- something infinitely more useful, in my mind. Yes, it's nice to have a record of the process by which a decision is made, if the decision is made. Technography, I think, helps that decision to be made faster and with a greater consensus.


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