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IdleTime, one more time

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/16/1999; 5:14:23 AM
Topic:IdleTime, one more time
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I get a steady stream of email from people asking what IdleTime is and why it's installed in their Extensions Folder and what will happen if they take it out.

First, here's a Search query on IdleTime. That should be a start.

Now, how did it get there? AOL asked if they could include it with their Mac client. We said yes. They paid us no money for it (we should have asked for some because it's become such a PITA).

Then Netscape asked for permission. We said yes again. We're suckers! We think this functionality should be everywhere. It's not that futuristic, it's the basic functionality that enables screen savers. That's why we wrote it, so that scripts could run when the system is idle, when there's no user there clicking on keys or pulling down menus and opening and closing windows. This function should be in the operating system. There should be no need for an INIT that does this.

Regardless, it's not there, and AOL wanted it so they could log off users who weren't using their network. I assume Netscape wanted it for the same purpose. Can you remove it? I don't know. I don't use the AOL client or Netscape/Mac. I think it's only fair that people direct their support questions to Netscape and AOL.

Even better would be a comment from someone from Netscape or AOL. What do you want your users to know about IdleTime?

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