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Re: Membership RPC handlers

Author:David Shinpaugh
Posted:2/16/1999; 2:32:21 PM
Topic:Membership RPC handlers
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We need to optimize the GET versions of the RPC handlers.

mainResponder.members.getProfile (When used with MTTF) This returns the Queue object. Which contains all the MTTF messages the user has. This isn't necessary and even 8-10 messages is a pretty big dump. Takes up bandwidth, memory, browser object space....

We really need one more parameter that tells the handler where to start from and proceed down.


mainResponder.members.getProfile(userGroup, userKey, userPassword, profileStart) { for this group/user if not defined (profileGroup) Return it ALL!!! else Return everything from the "identifer" inside the param profileStart (which could be a table or a single element name) down the hierarchy. }

(Although this doesn't have anything to do with membership RPC handlers)


Same root problem. What if users have 100s of messages, and I just want the new ones since a date, or the ones that haven't occured yet.

This solution is a little tricker, I'd like to set selection parameters in a struct.


mailtothefuture.getAllMessages(userKey, userPassword, selectStruct) { for this user if not defined (selectStruct) Return all messages for this user else Return all messages that match selection criteria in the selectStruct }

(Sample selection criteria)

status = pending insertionDate > 01/01/99

or some such mechanism for conveying the selection criteria. If you have a better format solution, it's welcome as long as it does the job.

This would return all new messages added since 01/01/99 that have not been sent yet.

Of course this also opens a disussion on what about how the response is sorted.... maybe add to the selectStruct:


If you need more spec, dissussion let me know.


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