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Membership RPC handlers

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:2/8/1999; 8:00:36 PM
Topic:Membership RPC handlers
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I just added three RPC handlers for membership stuff. They are: mainResponder.members.getProfile Takes three params, groupname, memberkey (mail address) and password and returns returns the entire member record for the user as a struct. mainResponder.members.setProfile This one's a little tricky, it takes four parameters, the groupname, memberkey (mail address), password and a struct (in Frontier, a table). The struct may be incomplete, ie, it may not be a mirror of the struct returned by getProfile. The server replaces any elements present in the struct in the database. You can also use this interface to add elements to the member record for the user, even elements that the software running on the server is unaware of. Canter and Company need this flexibility. mainResponder.members.addUser Takes two params, a groupname and a memberkey. If the user doesn't have an account it creates one, and in either case it sends an email to the user containing the password. This is how the Canter app will create a new account. Sample Script A trivial sample script is enclosed. It won't run since the password is incorrect, but if you have a Mail to the Future account, you can substitute your email address and password. The other valid membership group on our server is "default".

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