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Re: Netscape's legal agreement

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/16/1999; 10:18:00 AM
Topic:Re> Netscape's legal agreement
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You made a fair offer--termination at will and indemnification should have satisfied their lawyers. They could then write up a policy explaining why they terminate newsfeeds, and give you a copy. Then, if you did something they didn't like, they could stop syndicating you, and that would be it.

Perfectly fair. And you're right that their agreement is more of an editorial guidelines document. A reasonable *internal* way to communicate to an editorial team what the groundrules are for their employment. But even with an employee, if you made the penalty any more than termination, you'd have a hard time getting compensated.

Here's another angle, I wonder if the Netscape agreement is enforceable? Maybe I should just sign it, deliberately cross one of the lines, and let them take me to court?

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