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more meaningful links/glossary

Author:Keola Donaghy
Posted:3/18/1999; 11:44:23 AM
Topic:more meaningful links/glossary
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I was following some of Dave's recent links to topics of "meaningful links" with interest, and realized many of mine links were not very meaningful or informative. Problem is that a lot of my links simply are referenced from the glossary, people's names with links to either their web pages or email addresses. If I want to add additional text to this, well, the glossary is useless and I have to do the URL manually.

Would it be worthwhile in any way to expand the glossary and its syntax as to make the glossary function more powerful? For example, this is a standard glossary reference from my homepage.

Check out "kealii"'s new CD release.

"kealii" is replaced with his full name and website URL. That's find and dandy, but what if I want to make this whole sentence a link? Currently (at least that I'm aware of) I'd have to ignore the glossary and manually create a link using the whole sentence.

What I would like to be able to do is enclose this whole sentence as a glossary reference, and somehow within it have the reference to the glossary item. For example:

"Check out *kealii*'s new CD release."

In this case it would see the quotations, search the glossary and find nothing to match it, but then look within this string to see if there is an embedded tag (in the example, asterisk). It would use the glossary entry to create a link for the whole sentence.

Is something like this workable, or is there a better way to do it? I don't know if I would want to mess with the glossary mechanism myself, but it seems I'm probably not the only one who would benefit from such an enhanced glossary mechanism.



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