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side-effect of the MSIE5 shipment...

Posted:3/19/1999; 10:37:24 AM
Topic:side-effect of the MSIE5 shipment...
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Dave mentioned...

Interesting side-effect of the MSIE5 shipment. It's been hard to get thru to our California servers because our ISP is Conxion. 999 days out of a 1000 this is a good deal, our pipe is extra-wide because we share that pipe with Microsoft's US download site, which is also hosted by Conxion. But when a new version of MSIE is released our sites get slow.

Whew!!! Thanks for the info Dave. That probably explains what I've been experiencing the last couple of days when connecting to Userland's sites.

Generally all the pages seem to loading much slower. Other sites around the web are just fine.

Has anyone else noticed the behavior? I'm sure it'll clear up in several more days. Just more of a point of information really.

I'm in Portland, OR in the USA. I'm on a Mac using Communicator 4.5.

I wonder if there is a timeout parameter I could tweak somewhere? I'd like to do that instead of hitting the reload button several times.



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