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What to do with my extra NT machine?

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:3/25/1999; 6:58:41 AM
Topic:What to do with my extra NT machine?
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I now have an old piece of iron that isn't doing any work. This bothers me. I'd like to run a straight web server on it. Just a simple app that grabs port 80 and serves files from a folder. I want to use it to serve GIFs and JPEGs only. It'll become I don't want to install NT Server on this machine. Soo..

My first stop was the Windows page on Apache.Org, but they had this disclaimer. "Warning: Apache on NT has not yet been optimized for performance. Apache still performs best, and is most reliable on Unix platforms. Over time we will improve NT performance. Folks doing comparative reviews of webserver performance are asked to compare against Apache on a Unix platform such as Solaris, FreeBSD, or Linux." Oooops that won't do.

I want something fast and easy. On the Mac WebSTAR takes about 15 minutes to install and when you want to move the server you just quit the app. It's also pretty fast. I guess the question is, "Is there anything like WebSTAR for Windows NT?"

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