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Re: Web browsers still don't work

Author:Dino Morelli
Posted:3/29/1999; 10:57:50 AM
Topic:Build interfaces with xml: XUL (cnet article)
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Nobody seems to be happy with being very good at one thing - they all have to be mediocre at everything, just so that they can say they have the feature sets.

There it is, the nail being hit on the head.

This chronic kitchen-sink-ware problem permeates the personal computer all the way to the OS a lot of the time. I'm primarily a Win32 user (although I hope to use Linux primarily someday) and Windows has grown so awful in recent years.

I wish I could use Mutt, but judging by the website, a Win/DOS port hasn't yet been performed. So, I use Eudora Lite. It's pretty good. Could be better. Could have sort-by-thread which would help me out trememdously. But, all things considered, and considering Eudora Lite's price, it's good.

I am really tired of the PigWare trend. It's part of what's pushing me towards Unix. It seems like, in the Unix world, apps get written that perform small jobs very well. Bright users learn how to connect these apps together to get larger tasks done. It all makes more sense than Win or Mac or anything else that I've seen.

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