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Re: Using members logon form for non-DG

Posted:4/8/1999; 4:44:34 PM
Topic:Using members logon form for non-DG
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I believe I have done all of the above. config.root.defaultmembershipGroup is employees. I have a table #employees which is gaining new entries every time I sign on with a different identity. I have a web subtable with #members = employees (is this better to be in #prefs or a peer of default?). In members.root I changed opentopublic to false (because some of the examples had it that way). It seems odd, but every time I save the table, then quit and start up Frontier6, opentopublic has been changed back to true. Perhaps I didn't save with members.root being the frontmost table. That's a bit confusing that it doesn't ask you if you want to save when there are unchanged items. Anyway, when I logon, and am on the welcome page, then click to go to my custom page, it takes me back to the logon. Something is not right, but I don't know where else to look. I've examined MailTotheFuture and the htmlInterfaces and that is interesting but my membership loop's not quite there.

Thanks for all the help, you guys have been great.

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