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Re: Using members logon form for non-DG

Author:André Radke
Posted:4/8/1999; 5:30:26 PM
Topic:Using members logon form for non-DG
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I have a table #employees which is gaining new entries every time I sign on with a different identity.

You mean you have a table at the top-level of members.root named "employees" and every time you go through the logon process, a new sub-table is added to that table's "users" subtable, its name being the email address you entered? This is good.

And you are certain we are talking about the "employees" and not the "default" table here, right?

In members.root I changed opentopublic to false

You better leave this set to true for now.

Anyway, when I logon, and am on the welcome page, then click to go to my custom page, it takes me back to the logon.

Let me reiterate: You go to the logon page, click the link to the signup page, enter an email address, receive the mail message from the server, enter email address and password into the checkYourMail page and are redirected to the welcome page. Now when you click the link to your custom page, you get redirected to the logon page again. Is this what happens?

If so this most likely means that your browser doesn't have the correct cookie for accessing your custom page. Either it didn't receive any cookie at the end of the logon procedure or the information in the cookie it received is incorrect.

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