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Re: StaticPage rendering

Author:Keola Donaghy
Posted:4/9/1999; 5:47:13 PM
Topic:StaticPage rendering
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Please take a look at the message table for today's news entry - does it have an inNewsSite field?

OK I found the reference to this after posting. No it doesn't. I guess those are the questions, how do I get it in there remotely. Do I have to post first and then go back and set this or can it be done at the same time I post something to the DG

Do you have a system.temp.mainresponder.backgroundPagesToBuild table?

No. What should it contain?

What is the value of config.mainresponder.prefs.flBuildPagesInBackground?


Although this mostly depends on how complex your staticPage.default is, I'd think it shouldn't take anywhere this long.

I'm using the default pretty much as it came, a few minor changes but nothing radical. If you want to take a peek here is the page:

mahalo for the help,


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