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iCab Scripting [Mac]

Posted:4/14/1999; 9:53:26 AM
Topic:iCab Scripting [Mac]
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How do I script iCab to open a series of websites? By trial and error I've done this for Explorer and Netscape using the openURL command (which is now in the latest version of iCab, 1.4). Each program seems to implement this differently and I got lucky with experimental "nil" and "true/falses" for the older browsers.

What I do is run a script to open about a dozen pages in their own window. I start the script then do other things while all the pages load.


PS Are there any discussion groups for general (Mac) scripting? Most of the discussion these days is focused on the Web and later versions of Frontier. As an occasional scripter, I have had a hard time keeping up with the evolving discussion groups and sites/resources that support Frontier. Unfortunately most pop up for a year or so, then go dormant (I think I understand why this happens, it's unavoidable, but nevertheless inconvenient).


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