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Re: Following the directions to setup DG, get an error...

Author:Jeff Imig
Posted:4/14/1999; 2:13:18 PM
Topic:Following the directions to setup DG, get an error...
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I'm having this same problem, but the fix below doesn't work. The ">caltext" line isn't exactly the same tho... it has a "date("10/5/98")" as an added parameter... do I have an old version? I'm pretty sure this was created by the upgrader, but I'm willing to be conviced otherwise.


>Can't get the first day in the calendar because adrcalendar doesn't point to a valid non-empty calendar structure. "

>Go into discussionGroup.default and look for the following line:

>caltext = caltext + "
" + mainresponder.calendar.getLinks (adrcal, theDay, url)

>Replace it with

>try { caltext = caltext + "
" + mainresponder.calendar.getLinks (adrcal, theDay, url) }

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