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scriptingNews outline for 4/28/99

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:4/28/1999; 4:27:49 AM
Topic:scriptingNews outline for 4/28/99
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DaveNet: An Open Letter to Steve Case.

Due to a DNS screwup, many sites are not accessible. We apologize for this, we're working on it.

Red Herring: MP3 Tune is Same Old Song.

Laurence Tribe: The Internet vs The First Amendment. "Those who launch murderous plots by posting their deranged plans on a Web site are exposing their schemes in a public space, one that government agencies may freely browse without warrant.." Of course.

Infoworld: Sun's I-Planet sounds like XML-RPC. "Pricing is to be user-based, ranging from $10,000 for 100 users to $39,995 for 1,000 users, and $16 per user in large quantities." But it doesn't connect to Mac apps.

I do my part to help the Mac. "It's too simplistic to say that whatever Apple is promoting today, whether it is run by Jobs or Amelio, is the right thing. In the world we sell software into, the Mac is not rehabilitated, if anything it's further undermined. We sell server software, remember. When you say 'It runs on Mac' many customers run away."

Java Apache Project: Cocoon is a 100% pure Java publishing framework servlet that relies on new W3C technologies (such as DOM, XML, and XSL) to provide web content. Is anyone using Cocoon? How does it compare to StoryServer and Frontier?

Josh Lucas has installed Cocoon and has some comments.

Wired: Inside Amazon's Shopping Cart. "They are putting their customers under surveillance," Hendricks said. " customers will be at the mercy of Amazon." Amazon bit into something really juicy. Wonder if they looked before they lept?

CNN: Children Killed by NATO Bombs. Will there be an international outpouring of grief for these children? Are Yugoslavian children less important than American children?

Beograd.Com: "The man famed for saying 'I did not have sex with that woman' on national television said that Serbian television studios were a legitimate target because they told lies."

Disclaimer: I am not a Serb. My family fled Eastern Europe to escape ethnic cleansing (Nazis). Three of my grandparents were Jewish, one was a blond-haired blue-eyed Aryan. They were from Rumania, Czechoslavakia, Poland and Russia. I was born in New York City, I've lived in the US my whole life. I am a US citizen. I think, I listen and I vote.

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