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Re: What Chinese people thought

Author:Lixian B. Chiu
Posted:5/11/1999; 8:05:36 AM
Topic:What Chinese people thought
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According to CNN:

But other China-watchers within the U.S. government said China's reaction to the bombing and the protests may have more to do with deflecting attention from the reports of Chinese spying at U.S. nuclear weapons labs

This is not a good thing to say at this sensitive moment. If the US officials think in this way, then the Chinese officials can think that the US government is saying this in order to deflect the attention from the bombing. It's going to start an endless circle of conflicts and mistrust.

No, I don't think this is WW3.

I agree that we are not there yet. But we can't ignore the fact that historically, there are always stupid people who think that they can benefit from crisises like this. For one, I strongly believe that there are Chinese officials who want to slow-down, or reverse the improving Sino-American relationship since Zhu Rongji's visit. This is a not pure speculation -- in the recent history of China, large scale public movement have always been used as internal power shifting of the Chinese government, such as the 74' Tienanmen Square protest and 86's June 4th. These people, while trying to gain their own personal agenda, may seriously harm the relationship b/w US and China. Increasing conflicts b/w the two conuntries will only march us towards a war, not peace.

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