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Re: What Chinese people thought

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:5/11/1999; 8:12:57 AM
Topic:What Chinese people thought
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Is there anything the American people, esp Internet users can do to express our desire for peace with the people of China?

Perhaps we could all send flowers to Tienanmen Square as our proxies to protest the war in Yugoslavia? Would that make the Chinese people feel our apologies for electing a leader who would start and continue such a war?

On the other hand, after we adequately express our apologies, it would be nice if the Chinese leadership and people could explain why it was appropriate for them to attack our embassy in Beijing. I'd like to understand. I believe the US story that the destruction of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade was accidental. I develop software for computers. I think it's likely that when you launch so many bombs, some of them, for some reason, will hit other targets. The problem of course is that we were launching the bombs at all. We shouldn't have. But the Chinese gangs that attacked our embassy, which is sovereign US territory, were not an accident. Do they think we're stupid? We know that the Chinese government is orchestrating it.

How can our countries relate if we can't have embassies in each others' capitals? How can our citizens visit each others' countries if there is no functioning presence of our government there?

Things to think about as we escalate..

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