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Re: What Chinese people thought
Posted:5/11/1999; 8:52:05 AM
Topic:What Chinese people thought
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> Is there anything the American people, esp Internet users can do to > express our desire for peace with the people of China?

Besides not boming their embassies? I suppose we could promise to not run wars with 4 year old maps... (Which BTW I don't consider "accident" in the sense of hitting wrong target. (Which will happen in war. Which is no consolation to the "collaterally damaged.") But rather stupid mismanagement.)

As for > our apologies for electing a leader who would start and continue > such a war? I recall, our last elected leader did too, and most of the ones before too. Seems to be what we do. (22 countries bombed since end of WW II, by every president except Carter.)

My personal opinion du jour: _Milosevic_ should have been the target, not the entire economic infrastructure of Yugosovia.

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