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Author:Dave Winer
Posted:5/16/1999; 6:11:35 AM
Topic:Portals Mail List
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I think for JavaScript development tools you have to look to the browser vendors. They're the ones that control the runtime environment for JavaScript (except when JavaScript is being used in other contexts). The reason you don't see the development tools is because Microsoft and Netscape don't make them. Also because the financial people in the valley have no taste for technology.

CGI programming on the other hand is wide open. It was easy to make Frontier talk CGI, that's why it happened so early. Making Frontier into a web browser, well that's something that's on our radar actually, on Windows at least, because Microsoft offers an easy API for it (this is the subject of the DOJ lawsuit, a very ill-conceived trial because it is really nice to have HTML rendering at a low level).

Maybe in that context it makes sense. Also some Frontier developers have already turned Frontier into a nice development environment for JavaScript (and Perl, the line for that is even longer). When they do this, they're treating the script code as web content (a valid view), and building on Frontier's outliner. So your dream has already come true, to the extent that it is possible.

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