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WebEdit source safety - can I turn this off?

Author:Christoph Pingel
Posted:5/31/1999; 3:31:29 AM
Topic:WebEdit source safety - can I turn this off?
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I use WebEdit a lot. In my setting (one "terminal", one "server") however, the "source safety" feature is not very useful. I am the only person who ever accesses objects on the server, and for lots of small changes spread over several pages (but not all) of a table, it's a waste of time to check all of those items out first.

O.k., I could check out a whole table, but then there are sometimes additional items in the local table (which are not on the server) which get lost. And on slow connections, it's slow in either case.

My wish: I want to be able to upload stuff all the time, overwriting what's there in the moment, no matter what.

Can I tweak WebEdit so that this is possible?

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