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Java, Servlets, XML-RPC

Author:Steve Ivy
Posted:6/11/1999; 10:00:20 AM
Topic:Java, Servlets, XML-RPC
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I know that several folks out there are working on Java and XML-RPC (Josh Lukas and Hannes are two I know of).

Has anyone tried using the Java servers as servlets?

The Java Apache Project has a new product called Apache JServ which claims to speed up servlets, and can be run across the network on a different machine than apache itself. Parts of the directory tree can also be directed to specific servlets. Most of my info is from this interesting article in Web Review by PerlGod Lincoln Stein.

It would be interesting to see if the Java XML-RPC stuff could be used in this way. I've heard that the poerformance of Hannes' xmlrpc.webserver could be better... could this do the trick?



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