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Re: New UI for My.UserLand.Com

Author:James Spahr
Posted:6/12/1999; 9:25:40 AM
Topic:New UI for My.UserLand.Com
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I have a lot of problems with the new UI. I've been relatively silent on this issue - but since you are asking for feedback :-)

1. What purpose es having "My.Userland.Com" in HUGE letters at the top of the page? How does this graphic relate to your left navigation?

If you are going to brand the site like this, at least let your left hand navigation lock into a grid with the "My.Userland.Com" type. perhaps the hairline rule should lock up with the '.' in 'My.'

Its also disterbing that placement of objects on the right, in no way relate to the navigation.

2. Why do we have right justification on the left, and left justification on the right?

You use indenting as a structural meathod on the right - this makes the placement of type in your navigation meaningless. You have a hairline rule there, do we really need to right justify the navigation as well?

3. Why is the members box so special? (ie - treated so differently from everything else?) I keep looking at it. Its a little eye magnet and I don't know if it needs to be.

4. italic type in web browsers is difficult to read, and doesn't look very nice. Incorporate it into the "My.Userland.Com" graphic. It will look ten times better.

5. Your color palette is great. (although I'm a little iffy on that brown...)

6. Flow seems nice as well (linking from screen to screen), or should I say - "the transactional elements work well."

Anyway - those are my thoughts.

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