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Re: New UI for My.UserLand.Com

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:6/12/1999; 9:54:56 AM
Topic:New UI for My.UserLand.Com
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Its also disterbing that placement of objects on the right, in no way relate to the navigation.

I don't understand what this means.

About the rest of the comments, the members box is definitely meant to catch your eye. The power is very limited without being a member. We looked at a lot of other sites and how they did this, and this was the best choice. Most other sites not only put a box up, but they also put up two text boxes for the account name and password. We could not, no matter how we tried, justify that much space, so we settled for this design. It's eye-catchiness was very intentional.

Incorporating the italic text into the graphic is not an option because it is a dynamic element, I think when you see the flip-side of the interface here you'll understand why it is this way.

The fact that the "transactional elements" work well is the most gratifying news possible. That's where we've put the most effort, we want to establish some guidelines so that all our sites will build on each other. Kind of the way every Mac app has an About box, and a standard File menu. Predictability is very important.

Re the size of the graphic, other people have expressed concerns here, I've seen how it looks on small screens, but I don't have one myself so I tend to prefer that size.

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