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Re: Remember first-time users and flow

Posted:6/12/1999; 1:27:17 PM
Topic:New UI for My.UserLand.Com
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Things are getting better. Some of the improvements/new features are really great!

I see a problem coming down the pike very shortly... you changed the cell padding to compress the spacing of the channels on the Choose page... but the number of available channels will soon be too long to reasonably fit on one page. What then? Page two? Or side by side?

When you say that you made the page header size to suit your viewing tastes (in another DG entry), that's fine but it gets to a deeper issue, is my.userland for your users or for you? My view is that the headers are so large as to interfere with viewing the content (because on smaller monitors, you have to scroll to get down to the real news)... however on most sites the ad banners are up there messing with your mind, so I guess it's no worse than the rest of the Web in terms of page header space.

What happened to the side-by-side arrangement of channels?

As a marshaller of news, the recently changed channels seems very cool. But as a consumer of news, the page in and of itself has no meat. I would view this page more often if under each channel the actual new item was listed.

Question, under more info, I see a last archived timestamp... what is that for?


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