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Re: New UI for My.UserLand.Com

Author:Samuel Reynolds
Posted:6/14/1999; 9:01:26 AM
Topic:New UI for My.UserLand.Com
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JS: 4. italic type in web browsers is difficult to read, and doesn't look very nice. Incorporate it into the graphic. It will look ten times better.

Presumably the idea is to get anti-aliasing.

DW: Incorporating the italic text into the graphic is not an option because it is a dynamic element, I think when you see the flip-side of the interface here you'll understand why it is this way.

You could generate it as a dynamic image with the LibGD extension, and get anti-aliased text, which could be much easier to read in the browser (depending on the platform and settings of the browser). There's sample code for doing that from mainResponder.

However, there's a performance overhead for dynamic text-image generation. I might do it for a fancy site where the aesthetics are critical, but I probably not otherwise.

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