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CGI, webserver <-> Frontier v5/6

Author:Andreas Hellström
Posted:6/22/1999; 1:46:32 AM
Topic:CGI, webserver <-> Frontier v5/6
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I am currently using Frontier v4 as a CGI framework; Macintosh environment; WebStar as webserver.

I have not followed the progress from v4 through v5/6 so close, so I am not too familiar about the 'current state'.

Would like to upgrade to Frontier v5/6 and run in a Win environment; my concern is how the flow from server to Frontier on a Mac (with WebStar) is managed in Win. I know Frontier can act as a server, but somehow I have got the impression that this only serves as a 'light-weight' server, only capable of handling one type of requests (.fcgi, or similar). Am I wrong?

What I need is the same functionality as Frontier v4 offers on Mac, but with v5/6 and Win; that is, all cgi-stuff is handled by Frontier, but other types of requests (html, gif, jpg, etc) is managed by the webserver.

I would very much appreciate any thoughtful (or any:-) input.

Finally, if I am off-topic with this (I have not been around since the time of v4), could someone please direct me to the proper forum.



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