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Re: Hidden failure of MSIE

Author:Michael Grinder
Posted:6/23/1999; 10:25:01 AM
Topic:Hidden failure of Win2k
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Dave Winer wrote:
>I don't think Microsoft ever does software for love. I don't think
>they love the web.What a bad situation for the web. Because so many
>people use the web and because there's no real sign of life at
>Netscape either. Marc Andreessen is givin a lot of speeches. But
>where's the software?

Apparently you haven't been paying attention to Mozilla development, Dave. They have been making "milestone" releases on a regular basis. M7 was released today. I haven't tried it out yet, but word on Slashdot is that it is getting stable and the page rendering speed is incredible.

Michael Grinder

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