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Re: New weblog: a call for criticism

Author:Todd Sternisha
Posted:6/26/1999; 2:21:07 PM
Topic:New weblog: a call for criticism
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Well, psychography about documenting the influences, ideas, and values that shape (and ultimately define) a person. Also, I'm the sort of friend who's like, "You have to see this movie!" or "Did you hear the new (whoever) CD?" So the site is just a way to put all of that down so friends of mine, and other people who are into the same vein of things that I am, can keep up with what I've been into. Gender issues are something that the page has brushed on, and something I hope to make more of a focus in the future. If I had to summarize the focus of the site, I'd say: " a weblog about sex, society, and silicon." Last Friday's page simply happened to be a collection of Matrix links. You can get to previous days by clicking the arrows in the date bar.

Thanks for your input! I'm working on a way to make navigating the site more obvious, so that people won't assume that the current day is the only page of the site, which many seem to have done. I hope you have time to take a look at it again!

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