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Linux RDBMS Info

Author:Eric Kidd
Posted:6/28/1999; 5:52:52 PM
Topic:NT Licensing is worse than you fear.
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(I'm speaking for myself, not UserLand. This is an answer to your implicit question about Linux databases.)

The low cost SQL servers like mSQL and mySQL don't support tranasactions!

Check out PostgreSQL. It supports almost all of the SQL standard correctly, and it has good transaction support. It ships with RedHat Linux. It's not flashy, but it supports all the obvious features.

MySQL is great if you can live without transactions. Slashdot, for example, doesn't need to preserve every last user comment in case of power failure.

Neither of these has a graphical interface out of the box, although various add-ons are available. I believe that both databases also support NT.


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