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Author:Bernie DeKoven
Posted:7/2/1999; 7:41:35 AM
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Now that we're working on-line and publishing the results of our collective brilliance on the web, we find ourselves building a different kind of website. Really different. All these little products we created, meeting after meeting, all the action items and to do lists, all the brainstorms and plans, all the things we didn't get to -- they're all there. And the presentations we made. And the spreadsheets we labored over.

This is a very different thing. We've never had all these pieces together in one place before. Never so accessible. It's never been so easy to see the growth of our work together, our growth as a team, to see our history and trace each other's contributions to our future. So easy to comment on, to elaborate on, add hyperlinks to, to edit, to organize, to index...

We have built us a very different kind of website. Our website. Our worksite, really. For our team only. Our team and the select few and their select. It's our library and datebook, filing cabinet and conference center, drawing table and theater. Our Yahoo. dot. com.

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