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Today's scriptingNews Outline

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:7/17/1999; 7:39:55 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Washington Post: Microsoft Valued at $500 Billion.

A new Backend feature, now we maintain an XML archive of all stories that appear on the My.UserLand.Com home page. There's one file for each hour, organized into a calendar folder structure. Here's the file that has this story when it first appeared.

Sam Devore posts a script that makes it easy to get current with the Discussion Group, and I wrote a two-part tutorial to show him how, thru XML-RPC, he could improve his script. (This would work in any scripting environment that supports XML-RPC.)

Jacob Levy looks at the web sites for candidates for the Y2K US presidential primaries.

Time: Is Linux the New Macintosh? "In mid-August EBIZ will launch the Pia, the 'Personal Internet Appliance,' a user-friendly desktop machine that retails for $199 and runs pure, unadulterated Linux." I want one!

Matt Sergeant: Introduction to PerlScript. "It is my hope that this document will bring more people to PerlScript, and away from having to use that dreaded VBScript."

Derek asked me to tell you about Fray Day 3 in SF, September 18. Here's what I didn't know. He used to do the HTML for the DaveNet stories at HotWired, back in the old days. Hey what a small world!

Red Herring: Top Venture Firms. "Ranks 1998's top VC firms by the percentage gain of the stock of its technology portfolio IPOs from the time of the IPO until year-end." Kleiner-Perkins is not on the list, but Microsoft and Intel are.

Press Release: XMLSolutions Receives $3.6 Million in Venture Capital Financing. Verticality is the VC behind Zope, an early supporter of XML-RPC.

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