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PerlScript (Re: Today's scriptingNews Outline)

Author:Adam Vandenberg
Posted:7/17/1999; 10:40:43 AM
Topic:Today's scriptingNews Outline
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Hey, Perl(script) is dandy. I'd love to be using PerlScript or even JScript at work rather than VBScript. Unfortunately, VBScript had already been in use when I got there and it was deemed too late to change.

The real downer about not using VBScript is that in other languages arrays aren't "COM" type arrays, so you can't just pass them to COM objects taking arrays as parameters. I suppose you could write a COM object that wraps up a COM array, but really now.

In fact, if someone did and it was efficient, I'd buy them lunch.

I do wish, though, that lots of people at work were using something (anything?) besides VBScript in their ASP. There are constantly questions about "How do I do X?".

The answer is either 1) You can't. 2) Get such-and-such a COM object from 3rd party foo. 3) Wait until W2K / IIS 5 / ASP 4.

Or use Perl and be done with it.

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