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Re: Instant Messaging is Dead

Author:Nick Sweeney
Posted:8/3/1999; 9:04:23 AM
Topic:Instant Messaging is Dead
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But Odigo, like steroidal athletes, is all bulk and no grace. It takes over your desktop -- as Dave has mentioned -- and slows down your machine. Even now, I look at the 4meg download and 30-second startup of ICQ, and remember when it was a sleek little 0.9beta...

PalmComputing has shown that limiting features and maximising efficiency works best when it comes to PDA functions -- and instant messaging, I think, falls into that category. Odigo is a bloat too far.

(Which is why, bizarrely enough, I like the MSN Messenger. It's a lot sleeker than the competition -- and if there's an open protocol, it's likely to be taken on board by the Linux community too...)

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