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Re: Is it time to short AOL?
Posted:8/7/1999; 3:12:59 PM
Topic:Is it time to short AOL?
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Last time I checked AOL has earnings: $ 91,199 million 256.8 latest year $ 0.09 previous year NA latest year $ 2,600 million previous year $ 1,685 million latest year 3.5 % (pretax) previous year -29.6 %

Now is the time to buy AOL....unless you really think that 17 million users are ready to dump every setting they have, and hook up with a company needs 6 NT servers just to service it's own web hits.

There is no question that MS is after AOL. However there are only so many fronts you can fight a battle on. It won't be long before we see branded AOL devices (AOLtv) running on Linux....and everyone of their users will be able to simply enter their name, password and log on with all the settings they are used to.

Granted MS has $20 billion in the bank, and whatever they decided to do there will pain, look what happened to Netscape...however the playing field is a lot different know.....

A press release is just that, many miles left to travel before AOL is out of the game, if ever.

I for one think it's time to buy....only time will tell

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