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Frontier 6.1d11 on Nirvana

Author:Dave Winer
Posted:8/17/1999; 6:46:52 AM
Topic:Frontier 6.1d11 on Nirvana
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We're running a new Frontier kernel on this server.

The major change, from the online user's perspective, is that this server should be faster now, especially for people who were reporting truncated pages, or pages that didn't display properly in their browser.

However, it may also be less reliable. There's a lot of new code running now. If there are problems we will have to revert to an earlier version.

Sites on this server

Image test

BTW, for its grainy quality the image is surprisingly large, 125783 bytes.

If you were seeing truncated pages

Try loading the Topics page. It's a longish page with a big table.

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